KnuckleHeads and Hurricanes

Recently Green Link principals, Phil Georgeau, Founder, and Lisa Mulder, Technical Director traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico to survey the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, and to study how the use of the KnuckleHead support system could provide more stable rooftop installations in the face of future hurricanes. Hurricane Maria, which struck in [...]

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Elevating and Leveling Rooftop-Mounted Equipment

Elevating and leveling roof-installed pipelines and HVAC equipment are more important than may appear at first glance.   There are two issues: First, pipes, equipment or electrical conduit need to be elevated to a point where debris, sticks and leaves, snow and ice cannot be trapped underneath causing a dam that will lead to ponding [...]

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Installing KnuckleHeads: A Value Proposition

Is protecting a $55,000 roof job worth a few hundred dollars?   Recently, a building owner in Michigan contracted for a re-roof of his building.  A ten-man crew installed a PVC membrane to the roof.  Pipes and HVAC equipment, originally positioned on wood sleepers, were moved to allow for the installation.  Once the job was [...]

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