New Mechanical System for Supporting HVAC Equipment

GreenLink has introduced an engineered mechanical support system for mounting a wide range of HVAC equipment including AC units, mini splits, heat pumps, condensers, and associated pipelines and conduit.  The system is designed to produce [...]

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The toxic top:  The environmental and structural risks of treated lumber supports on rooftops.

The market has been shifting away from treated wood blocks for rooftop support of pipes, HVAC equipment, and ductwork, etc., largely because they are subject to biodegradation—in other words, rot.  When the sleepers deteriorate, they [...]

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The origin of the KnuckleHead Name

The first KnuckleHead At the turn of the century, it became evident that woodblocks, bricks and other improvised supports for rooftop equipment were no longer sustainable. The first engineered support system was designed by Dr. [...]

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Tall VRFs/Mini-Splits: Blowing in the Wind? Here’s an Answer.

Mini splits are becoming increasingly popular on commercial buildings as well as residential housing. Usually, they can be mounted on any number of support systems, but the taller, narrower profile of the larger units creates [...]

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Case Study: A Public School in Michigan

Clearing the Way for Coating A public school roof in central Michigan, was scheduled to be resealed with a liquid applied coating.  Two adjacent roof sections were involved separated by a parapet wall over which [...]

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Rough-Ride for Roof Mounted Equipment

Field reports from HVAC and roofing contractors indicate an increasing issue relating to the stability of rooftop equipment installations.  Earthquakes at 6.4 magnitude in January ran through the Caribbean wreaking havoc with the electrical grid [...]

Attachment: The KnuckleHead Base and the Rooftop “Junkyard.”

In a perfect world, low-slope roofs would have nothing on them. This was the opinion of the NRCA in 1990. Since then, the proliferation of rooftop equipment and utility lines such as gas pipes [...]

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KnuckleHeads and Hurricanes

Recently Green Link principals, Phil Georgeau, Founder, and Lisa Mulder, Technical Director traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico to survey the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, and to study how the use of the [...]

KnuckleHead Rooftop Supports: The Secret Ingredient

KnuckleHead Rooftop Supports: The Secret Ingredient The KnuckleHead support has been carefully engineered and features a distinct design.  But there is something else unique about it: the material from which it is made.  That material [...]

January 31st, 2019|Categories: HVAC, Knuckleheads, Nylon, Roofing Materials|

Can a Simple Rooftop Support Be “Engineered”?

Can a Simple Rooftop Support Be “Engineered”?   Rooftop supports for pipes and HVAC equipment come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and, of course, prices.  Some feature a base made of recycled rubber [...]

Another Reason to Love the Roofing Industry: Friendships are Born When You Least Expect it.

Dana Castle didn’t know what to expect from her trip to the National Women in Roofing Day, but she sure didn’t expect this! An article posted on By Karen L. Edwards, NWIR Communications Chair [...]

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Rooftop Supports: What Do Adhesive/Sealants Bring to the Party?

Rooftop Supports: What Do Adhesive/Sealants Bring to the Party?   Many, if not most, rooftop supports are loose laid. This makes for easy installation of pipelines, air conditioning units, conduit and other rooftop equipment, but [...]

The Dead Zone: When rooftop supports aren’t specified

Because rooftop supports aren’t typically specified, they are often improvised. A well-constructed commercial or industrial building must meet a host of specifications. The roof is no exception, and neither is rooftop mounted equipment, including pipes, [...]

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Installing KnuckleHeads: A Value Proposition

Is protecting a $55,000 roof job worth a few hundred dollars?   Recently, a building owner in Michigan contracted for a re-roof of his building.  A ten-man crew installed a PVC membrane to the roof.  [...]

May 23rd, 2018|Categories: HVAC, Knuckleheads, Support, Wood Blocks|Tags: , |
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