StrutFrame™ Duct and Pipe Supports: A Rooftop Installation Game-Changer

Ductwork and pipelines are like the nervous system of the building: sending essential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and specialty services racing through the building to answer the demands of the occupants. Without adequate support, the system may start to sag, misalign, point load, or suffer a total system failure leading to costly repairs, hazards, and an inability to continue normal operations. Green Link Inc.’s  StrutFrame™ Duct and Pipe Supports offer peace of mind, knowing that your rooftop installations are well-supported and will stand the test of time.

Introducing the StrutFrame™ Pipe and Duct Support System

The Green Link StrutFrame™ is available in two configurations that are customizable for a variety of applications, including ducts supports, large pipe supports, and pipe run supports.

The 5200 Series StrutFrame™ utilizes a familiar two-point system. Industry professionals will find the Green Link Stanchion KnuckleHead an innovative alternative to other products on the market for free-standing installations up to 24 inch elevation. Greater heights would need to use additional anchoring to ensure stability using the two-point system.

The 5400 Series StrutFrame™ is a four-point system, utilizing the Green Link Strut KnuckleHead to create a wide, stable support for free-standing applications greater than 24 inches.

The 5200 and 5400 Series are available in multiple configurations.  

■ 5200 and 5400 Base Level Kits provide the KnuckleHeads, brackets, and attachment hardware. The Base Level Kit requires uprights and cross-rails to be provided and cut on site.  

■ 5201 and 5401 Kits provide KnuckleHeads, brackets, hardware, and all metal struts for a non-containment system customized for job needs.  

■ 5202 and 5402 StrutFrame™ Kits, provide everything included in the -01 kits with the addition of a top containment rail.

Strut Frames Offer Exceptional Durability

When it comes to rooftop installations, exposure to the elements and UV radiation can take a toll on support systems, leading to material degradation and corrosion that can damage expensive equipment and roofs. Green Link has designed their StrutFrame™ Support with longevity in mind. Made from high-quality materials, these supports are designed to last, ensuring that your ductwork and piping systems remain securely in place for years to come.

Time-Saving: Streamlining Installation

Time is money, and efficiency is a crucial factor in any construction project. Green Link’s StrutFrame™ Duct and Pipe Supports are engineered to save time during installation, making it an ideal choice for rooftop projects.

1. Adaptability: The product features a modular design that allows for quick and straightforward assembly. This not only reduces the time required for installation but also minimizes the need for specialized tools. The height can be easily adjusted by moving the brackets and the unit can be leveled by rotating the Strut KnuckleHeads (up to one inch) on the 5400 Series or by changing the bracket height on the 5200 Series.

2. Pre-Assembled Kits: Green Link offers pre-assembled kits, with all necessary strut channels and hardware, making it even easier to install the support system on your rooftop, and reducing the need for custom fabrication. These kits are tailored to specific project needs, reducing the guesswork and ensuring a smooth installation process.

Green Link Inc.’s StrutFrame™ Duct and Pipe Supports are a game changing solution for rooftop installations, offering durability, time-saving features, and the assurance of proper support. In rooftop environments, it’s crucial to invest in products that can withstand the elements while streamlining the installation process. With the StrutFrame™ Duct and Pipe Supports, you can ensure the long-term success of your rooftop systems and the safety of your building.