Rock-Steady Roof Installations 

Future Proof with Green Link’s MetalHead

The triangle is the strongest shape. It’s often seen in rooftop supports designed for use with pipes, HVAC equipment, ductwork, conduit, cabling, and rooftop walkways. 

And in this, Green Link’s triangular MetalHead may seem familiar. But that basic shape is where the similarities end. The true strength of the MetalHead comes from its differences.

Simple is Better

Traditionally, these triangular supports are rubber or plastic blocks that may feature attached metal channel pieces. The MetalHead is a single extrusion piece of anodized aluminum with an integrated 1-⅝” channel. The integrated channel means it’s not bolted into place like it is with rubber and plastic blocks – which provides fewer points of failure and fewer opportunities for corrosion. The integrated channel is compatible with all strut channel hardware, making the MetalHead a fast and easy-to-use solution for supporting rooftop equipment.

Materials Make the Difference

Unlike crumb rubber or ABS plastic blocks, Green Link’s 100 mil, solid anodized aluminum base is made to stand the test of time. The MetalHead has a strong resistance to environmental forces like weather cycles and UV damage, as well as most chemical exposure. In laboratory testing, the MetalHead could withstand up to ten thousand pounds of compression. 

Green Link backs the longevity of the material with a twenty-year warranty.

Protecting the Building Envelope

Maintaining building integrity is at the core (or the lack thereof) of the MetalHead.  The hollow interior allows for water and debris to pass through, creating fewer opportunities for ponding that will lead to degradation of the membrane. This design also allows the MetalHead to weigh a mere two pounds, so any additional weight on the roof comes from the equipment, not the support system.

Depending on the roof membrane and the needs of the project, the MetalHeads are available in two different configurations. For freestanding applications, the 2015-9.5” W/ PE PAD has a polyethylene pad adhered to the button that protects the roof from damage caused by equipment movement. Where attachment to the roof is necessary, the 2015-9.5” NO PAD is used in conjunction with Green Link Adhesive/Sealant to create a strong bond with fully adhered membranes.


At Green Link, we believe that your customers deserve the very best. 

We know ours do, which is why we dedicated our time to perfecting the MetalHead and creating the strongest, most durable block support on the market.