Published in the 2023 AHR Tradeshow Journal on 2/7/23

Did you know that brand new HVAC/R equipment all over the world is being supported by blocks of wood (and other makeshift supports) that will rot and warp over the years, potentially damaging expensive equipment and roofs? Green Link engineers are determined to change this by introducing durable and professional-looking supports to contractors with boots on the ground. (Or the roof.)

Located in Kalamazoo, MI, Green Link opened its doors with a commitment to contractor-driven products. Debuting with their iconic KnuckleHead – a gray, glass-reinforced, UV-resistant, military-grade nylon-resin support with safety yellow accessories – Green Link took the HVAC/R and roofing communities by storm.

Heavy Pipe Supports elevate gas lines

The KnuckleHead is available in five styles that can be attached with an extension or directly to one of the two bases. It is incredibly versatile, and its unique design allows for up to 1” of built-in adjustment for on-site leveling. Applications include strut, pipe, solar, and paver supports, with the strut supports forming the base for some of their fully adjustable mechanical supports.

Multi-Unit Mechanical Support, created using KnuckleHead Universal Bases and Stanchions

The mechanical supports, available in low-profile and elevated configurations, are ideal for all models of HVAC equipment; they are fully customizable in length and width and customizable up to 24” in height. Available in single-unit and multi-unit configuration banks, Green Link’s in-house engineers are available for every project to ensure that your equipment is supported as efficiently as possible.

Universal Base

The KnuckleHeads and the Mechanical Supports can be mounted on one of Green Link’s two bases – the Universal Base or the Big Base (which is recommended for supports over 12”). These bases can be loose-laid, fastened to the roof mechanically, or adhered with Green Link’s specially formulated Adhesive/Sealant, which provides up to 275 psi bond strength when applied to single-ply or built-up roof membranes.

The MetalHead

Green Link’s newest product, the MetalHead, is a triangular-shaped support topped with a 1-5/8” x 1-5/8” strut channel, made from anodized aluminum and compatible with all standard strut accessories. The MetalHead can support up to ten thousand pounds, and its applications include pipe, duct, and electrical conduit support. Green Link’s engineers recommend the MetalHead specifically for non-sloped projects and when replacing supports of a similar function.

No matter what kind of support you need, from a line of Lite Pipe KnuckleHeads to support water lines or a full roof of mechanical support assemblies for an apartment building’s worth of HVAC equipment, Green Link will work with you to find a custom, cost-effective solution to protect your roof, your equipment, and your investment.