ChemSeal for Cleanrooms

Protecting Controlled Environments
The ChemSeal System

The ChemSeal System has been engineered to prevent contamination caused by penetrations passing into controlled environments such as clean rooms. The system consists of the ChemSeal itself, which is a proprietary mechanical seal, and M-1®CR, a specially formulated, high-performance adhesive/sealant that provides a barrier to airborne contamination. GREEN LINK also offers custom engineered solutions for other clean room needs.

ChemSeal CutOut 3D Rendering

ChemSeal Installation

The ChemSeal features two components, a rigid urethane base ring and a cover. Once the base ring is engaged into the rough concrete opening using locating pins and bonded with M-1 CR, the cover can be removed to cut openings in various sizes and shapes for penetrations. The cover piece is engineered to facilitate drilling or machining with hole saws and twist drills. Once the openings are completed, the cover can then be reattached to the base ring. The penetrations (openings) are then sealed with M-1 CR.

ChemSeal Cleanrooms Remodeling


If utility types, numbers or sizes change, replacement is easy. The original cover can be discarded and replaced with a new cover configured as needed. The base ring remains bonded in place.

ChemSeal Cleanrooms Properties

ChemSeal Physical Properties

The ChemSeal is manufactured from structural thermosetting polyurethane of dual durometers, with a softer elastomeric seal on the top and a tougher more structural elastomer on the bottom. The cover is cast from the same tough resin and includes an anti-static component for repelling dust as well as a self-extinguishing fire retardant (an optional refractory fire stop” can be bonded beneath the cover to block fire from below the seal). In testing, the cover tolerated repeated 450-pound point loading with less than 0.5- inch deflection and 100% recovery. The ChemSeal exhibits resistance from exposure to many acids, bases and solvents.

ChemSeal Cleanrooms M1CR

M-1®CR Adhesive/Sealant:
Certified for Clean Room Use

M-1 CR is a solvent-free adhesive/sealant formulated for controlled environments where molecular airborne contamination can impact human health or cleanroom manufacturing operations. It is specified for electronic, manufacturing, and aerospace cleanrooms.

M-1 CR adheres to a wide range of materials including plastics, metals, wood, and glass. It cures by contact with moisture and forms a tough, high-strength, elastic bond and will not outgas or shrink. M-1 CR releases virtually no molecular air contamination and contains no isocyanates. It is certified for cleanroom use sealing penetrations such as pipes, electrical conduit and gas lines.