Mechanical Support Kits

KnuckleHead Mechanical Supports are a single-source solution for mounting HVAC/R equipment. KnuckleHead equipment supports come in a range of strut frame configurations to support a wide variety of rooftop equipment. KnuckleHead Mechanical Support kits are available for single units or can be customized for multi-unit support. KnuckleHead Mechanical Support kits can be loose laid or secured to the roof deck using fasteners or Green Link Adhesive/Sealant. Please consult roofing system manufacturer or contractor to avoid voiding warranties when penetrating membranes.

  • Height and Width Adjustable
  • Single Source Solution
  • Custom Solutions Available
  • Excellent Weight Disbursement
  • May be Mechanically attached or free standing
  • Two Base Options
  • Add-ons available for electrical box mounting
  • Assembles in 15 minutes

This elevated unit is height adjustable up to 24 inches making it an incredibly versatile kit. Adjustments in height and width are made quickly and easily. This kit uses the Stanchion KnuckleHead and can be shipped with either the Universal Base or 12 inch Base. The 12 inch Base provides more stability at heights over 12″ and greater load distribution, reducing the bearing pressure on the roof for heavier equipment. This kit is available in a standard size of 3 feet x 4 feet, but can be customized for your project.

KnuckleHead Strut supports provide a low profile frame, resting on our universal base. KnuckleHead Strut supports are adjustable for leveling HVAC equipment. Unit width can be adjusted to support a variety of equipment sizes. This low profile option provides stability in most non-coastal wind regions. It can be mechanically attached to the roof deck in higher wind regions. Standard size for this a single unit support is 3 feet x 4 feet; however, units can easily customized to suit specific needs.

Pedestal Supports are free standing adjustable supports for single units that require no frame. Pedestal supports are adjustable by up to one inch for equipment leveling, they can be loose-laid or mechanically attached.

KnuckleHead Mechanical Support Kits can be customized for your needs above is an example of a kit that was designed to support eight condenser units. Alternately, KnuckleHeads can be purchased separately and installers may build frames to suit their individual needs. Please contact us for further information. Or view our drawings, available on the technical resources page.

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