New Mechanical System for Supporting HVAC Equipment

GreenLink has introduced an engineered mechanical support system for mounting a wide range of HVAC equipment including AC units, mini splits, heat pumps, condensers, and associated pipelines and conduit.  The system is designed to produce an extremely secure installation, especially in the face of high winds and seismic events. It is available as a kit which includes multiple components for constructing a 3’ X 4’ support frame on roofs or the ground.

The kit consists of four vertical Unistrut-type stanchions 3’ in height with one end featuring a molded structural urethane element which bolts into the KnuckleHead base; four bases; two 4’ cross members which insert into the stanchion slots to form the basic frame; two moveable rails that slide horizontally over the frame to the desired width depending on the dimensions of the equipment being mounted; and all necessary hardware.  Height can be adjusted by moving the horizontal channel into the desired stanchion slot and bolting in place. The standard vertical range for mounting equipment is 12”-24” off the surface, but lower profiles can be achieved.  The system can be free standing or attached.


Two KnuckleHead bases are available.  The standard universal base is 7” in diameter and features four holes in its center to allow mechanical fastening to the deck of the roof.  The other option is GreenLink’s newly introduced big base which features the universal base overmolded into a larger urethane component 12” in diameter.  The big base can be attached in the same way, but in most cases, attachment is unnecessary because the larger surface area provides sufficient stability.  Both bases support 600 lbs. each and are composed of military-grade reinforced nylon impervious to changing weather conditions. GreenLink’s proprietary Adhesive/Sealant can be applied to the base bottoms to create a bond that improves the strength and stability of the installation.


The new kits are designed for mounting single HVAC units, but can be modified to build banks of equipment when multiple units are to be installed.