The origin of the KnuckleHead Name

The first KnuckleHead

At the turn of the century, it became evident that woodblocks, bricks and other improvised supports for rooftop equipment were no longer sustainable.

The first engineered support system was designed by Dr. Tibor Keller, a master machinist. This component was capable of lifting and holding light pipes such as conduit, gas pipes and plastic condensate drains.

The head was adjustable to accommodate different elevations and to create angles for draining condensation lines running to roof drains.

After its introduction, a roofer told us that the adjustable support looked like a “Knucklehead!”  When asked what he meant, he said “You know, like the top of a 1941 Harley Davidson engine.”  The name stuck.

Since that early stroke of insight, the first KnuckleHead proliferated into five distinct heads designed for several support and attachment requirements.