Rooftop Supports: What Do Adhesive/Sealants Bring to the Party?

Rooftop Supports: What Do Adhesive/Sealants Bring to the Party?


Green Link Adhesive/SealantMany, if not most, rooftop supports are loose laid. This makes for easy installation of pipelines, air conditioning units, conduit and other rooftop equipment, but loose laid supports present a potential for problems down the road.

Over time, equipment vibration and wind gusts can cause loose laid supports to migrate across the roof membrane, stressing pipelines and related equipment. In some cases, pipelines can break.

Attachment ensures a secure installation, especially where high winds, harsh weather, and/or seismic events prevail. Attachment, however, also has its challenges. The use of mechanical fasteners involves penetration of the roof membrane which can void a roof warranty. While targets and boots can help protect the warranty, there is another approach that can prevent leaks from mechanical penetration: the use of an adhesive/sealant.

Composed of polyether polymers, GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant is a non-shrinking, moisture-cure elastomer that combines adhesive strength with sealant resilience. It has been formulated to adhere to both the nylon base of KnuckleHeads, as well as a range of roof membranes including PVC, EPDM, Mod-Bit and primed TPO. The adhesive/sealant applied to the base bottom, as well as around the perimeter once the base is pressed in place, will cure to a weatherproof seal. In addition, a small amount of adhesive/sealant applied to the screw heads adds extra protection against potential leaks.Green Link Adhesive/Sealant

The contractor can take additional comfort in the quality of the job by using GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant in conjunction with a boot or target.

Even when there is no penetration involving mechanical fasteners, it may make sense for the contractor to utilize an adhesive/sealant to prevent movement. Because GREEN LINK’s product has been formulated to bond to the roof membrane and the nylon base of the KnuckleHead, it can stabilize the support in the face of high winds, seismic events and harsh weather conditions. The use of adhesive/sealant without mechanical fasteners lengthens the life of the installation but should not void the roof warranty.

While the use of an adhesive/sealant for mounting rooftop supports is not yet a widespread industry practice, it adds little to installation time and cost while offering practical benefits.

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KnuckleHead Line and GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant