The KnuckleHead Solar Support System

The KnuckleHead Solar Support System

There are two main types of solar mounting systems:  Mechanically attached or ballasted. KnuckleHeads by GREEN LINK, Inc. are mechanically attached. KnuckleHeads feature a simpler, integrated end-effective design that combines attachment and a solar-ready support head in one unit.

Typical solar support products function strictly as attachment bases that require a mounting and racking system from other suppliers.  These often involve dozens of parts that must be field assembled to install the panels.

Systems involving concrete blocks can shorten roof’s life.

Solar Knuckleheads feature a base that installs mechanically or with GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant or both, extensions that elevate the heads to the desired height, then the head itself which is designed to accommodate standard off-the-shelf Unistrut channel 1 5/8” X 1 5/8”—in linear and elbow configuration.  No proprietary extrusions are required.  Channel attaches with a few screws, thus KnuckleHeads involve fewer parts, faster installation.

Other systems such as ballast types involve loading concrete blocks to stabilize mounts.  These install quickly but increase maintenance costs and shorten the roof’s life because they cause point loading which creates craters, low points which can lead to ponding water, even tears that invite leaks.

The KnuckleHead Support System fixes solar panels at a fixed 15° angle for optimum solar energy collection. A SolarWedge is an insert designed by GREEN LINK, Inc. that allows panels to be easily positioned at higher and lower angles if desired.

KnuckleHead Solar Supports include all the standard KnuckleHead benefits:  excellent weathering, multiple installation options, light in weight adding little to roof load, up to 600 pounds of support capability. Below are pictures from a Solar KnuckleHeads Installation in Thermal City, CA.