Attachment and Wind Uplift

Attachment and Wind Uplift Failure to plan for wind uplift on rooftop equipment can lead to significant roof damage or even catastrophic failure.  High winds can impact solar installations as well as pipelines, especially when loaded on extensions. Mechanical Fastening The KnuckleHead System can be loose laid, but where wind uplift is a factor, [...]

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Securing Rooftop Supports

Securing Rooftop Supports There is a wide range of rooftop supports available on the market.  A variety of products are designed to accommodate pipes, struts, pavers, and related equipment of all sizes.  Some of these are designed to be loose laid, which for many installations such as electrical conduit or pipelines is acceptable.  Loose laid [...]

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Preventing Pipe and Duct Sag

It is not unusual for a contractor or building owner to climb up on a commercial roof and encounter sagging pipes and ducts.  The causes vary.  In some cases, the supports have deteriorated due to weather.  Wood sleepers are probably the most common type of support failure.  Over time, weather cycles will eventually cause the [...]

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