Another Reason to Love the Roofing Industry: Friendships are Born When You Least Expect it.

Dana Castle didn’t know what to expect from her trip to the National Women in Roofing Day, but she sure didn’t expect this!

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By Karen L. Edwards, NWIR Communications Chair and RCS Editor.

GREEN LINK Engineering’s Sales and Business Development Coordinator, Dana Castle, decided that was excited about attending the first National Women in Roofing Day prior to the 2018 International Roofing Expo in New Orleans. She knew it would be an opportunity to expand her knowledge, grow professionally and meet other women in the businesses. But, she didn’t expect to form a deep friendship that has changed her and her son’s life.

“When I told my son I was coming to New Orleans to attend NWIR Day, he decided that he wanted to fly down and meet me there,” explained Dana. “I was excited to take a vacation with my son, Jake, who is 28 years old. He didn’t mind that I had a conference to attend on Sunday and I was thrilled for him to learn more about my profession.”

After they arrived in New Orleans on Saturday morning they headed to the French Quarter and eventually made their way to the karaoke bar, The Cat’s Meow. “I had stepped away from the table for a few minutes and when I returned, my son was talking to this awesome couple,” said Dana. “He asked them what they were doing in town and the woman answered that she was in town to attend NWIR day and Jake said, ‘so is my mom’ and there was an instant connection.”

Turns out that the couple was Daniel and Leah Lakstins, who are sales representatives for Duro-Last® Roofing. “We ended up hanging out the rest of that evening and just had a blast,” Dana said. “The next day, Leah and I sat together at the conference and Jake and Daniel spent the day together hanging out. Since then, Daniel has really become a professional mentor to my son who is an area sales manager for Fronius USA Welding Division and resides in Chattanooga, TN. Not only have they changed my son’s life, but they have changed mine.”

You see, Dana’s husband, Danny, a musician, was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after the IRE. They wanted to take a trip together while he was still well enough to travel, and they chose Austin, Texas as their destination so Danny could enjoy experiencing the music scene. It also just happens to be where Daniel and Leah live. Dana let them know they were visiting, and Daniel and Leah made sure that their Austin experience was one to remember.  “They were so nice. They took time off work and took us to their private club, we went to a music concert with them and then next day they held a private party for my husband,” Dana shared.

The roofing industry has been good to Dana. She started in the industry in 2007 when she joined Chem Link® to work in inside sales and in customer service for a few years before moving into the role of sales and marketing analyst, a role she held for the last five years she was there. When Chem Link was sold, her department was eliminated. She did what made the most sense, she followed the former owner of Chem Link, Phil Georgeau, into his next venture – GREEN LINK Engineering which manufacturers rooftop support systems and controlled environment products.

Dana’s story is a great example of the fabulous relationships that are formed within the roofing industry and why more people should consider this industry as an option for their career path. It’s full of kind, caring people and amazing relationships and opportunities are emerging every day.