KnuckleHead Rooftop Support System

Lite Pipe Supports

Lite Pipe Supports are commonly used for condensation pipes and electrical conduit. They are compatible with one 1-inch nominal pipe (a single 1.1315-inch outside diameter pipe) or two ½” nominal pipes (0.840-inch outside diameter pipes).

Heavy Pipe Supports

Heavy Pipe KnuckleHeads can support larger pipes up to 2 ½-inch nominal pipe size (3 inches outside diameter) such as PVC, natural gas lines or water lines.

Solar Supports

Solar Supports provide an angled structure for roof-mounted solar panels. The head is designed to position framing up to 15/8 inch at a fixed 15-degree angle. Each head is capable of resisting up to 750 lbs. of wind uplift force.

Strut Supports

Strut Supports are designed to accommodate square steel channels which in turn can be configured to support piping, mechanical equipment, such as HVAC, or extended metal walkways and solar arrays.

Paver Supports

Paver Supports are deployed to construct raised flooring that protects the roofing membrane and mechanical components from foot traffic. They can be used with concrete paver tiles and composite decking to create access flooring, garden terraces and plaza decks.

Extension Kits

KnuckleHead Extensions increase elevations of pipes, struts, solar arrays or walkways. Kits include an 8-, 12-, or 18-inch extension cylinder that fits into the Universal Base, a threaded rod and coupling and GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant.


Custom-engineered weatherproof KnuckleStraps, –Caps, and –Clips are used to secure pipes and struts where high winds from seismic events may be a factor. KnucklePads are used to protect the roof membrane and minimize the effects of vibration. These accessories are molded from tough urethane polymers with a special “safety yellow” tint.

GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant

GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant can be used to bond the KnuckleHead Universal Base directly to the roof membrane, or to seal around the base perimeter and mechanical fastener heads.

Important Points About The KnuckleHead Support System


The KnuckleHead Rooftop Support System keeps equipment high and dry; prevents damage caused by ponding water and ice; helps limit roof membrane tears; secures pipes and solar arrays in high wind or seismic conditions; helps prevent sagging, broken pipelines; provides enduring installations that contribute to building sustainability.


KnuckleHeads can be loose-laid, mechanically attached, bonded with adhesive, or attached using both mechanical fasteners and adhesive; halo target flashings, base pads, and other accessories are available.


Tough, reinforced nylon KnuckleHeads have been performing in the field for more than 10 years with constant exposure to high and low-temperature extremes, freeze-thaw cycles, UV exposure, and stress without showing signs of deterioration.


An expanded Universal Base that fits all head designs. The 7” diameter base provides 38.5 square inches of surface area that creates a stable foundation and evenly distributes the load. The heads can be rotated to adjust the height.


KnuckleHeads are custom molded from resilient, reinforced nylon which has excellent strength and weathering properties. The tensile strength of reinforced nylon is comparable to aluminum and is used as a replacement for that metal in many applications. KnuckleHeads are lightweight so they add little to the total roof load, but each can support up to 600 lbs.


A 10-year warranty is available.

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