Heavy Pipe Rooftop Support System

KnuckleHead Heavy Pipe Supports are designed for a wide variety of roof support applications including natural gas and water pipelines, and other types of pipes up to 3″ outside diameter pipe size (2.5” nominal). Each KnuckleHead can support up to 600 lbs. Units can be spaced to evenly distribute the load of the heaviest equipment. Heavy Pipe supports are lightweight, so they add little to total roof load, preventing low points and depressions that invite ponding water and ice build-up.

  • Supports up to 3” outside diameter pipes
  • 2.5” to 3.5” adjustable height from base to support point
  • Each KnuckleHead is able to support up to 600 lbs.
  • Molded from GREEN LINK glass-reinforced nylon resin. Strong, tough, weatherproof, impervious to freeze-thaw cycles
  • Matte-finish nylon allows bonding with adhesive
  • Base designed for adhesive attachment or mechanical fastening for seismic/wind uplift specification
  • The Universal Base can be loose laid or attached using adhesive and/or screws
  • Tough polymer KnuckleStraps keep pipes secure
  • KnucklePads protect the roof membrane and reduce movement resulting from equipment vibration and wind

Heavy Pipe KnuckleHead with a Strap and KnucklePad

Heavy Pipe KnuckleHead with Extension, Strap and KnucklePad holding a pipe

Important points about The KnuckleHead Support System

KnuckleHeads will prevent damage caused by ponding water, wind, ice, flying debris or seismic events and protect the integrity of the roofing system including roof-mounted structures and equipment.

They are engineered with a Universal Base. A range of head designs are available depending on the particular support application needed.

KnuckleHeads can be attached directly to the roof substrate either mechanically combined with GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant, or with GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant alone.

The Universal Base is designed with four holes at its center for accepting mechanical fasteners. Before penetrating the roof membrane, the contractor should consult with the manufacturer to ensure that the warranty is not voided.

Securing the Installation: The KnuckleHead Heavy Pipe Support comes with a custom-engineered KnuckleStrap. Molded from tough, weatherproof polymer and tinted safety yellow, the strap is screwed onto the head to ensure the pipe is secure even in the harsh conditions such as high winds and seismic events. An optional slip-resistant KnucklePad can be added to the base to reduce movement and protect the roof membrane.

GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant by itself is sufficient to create a strong bond with more than 275 psi shear strength. This prevents movement of the supports caused by equipment vibration, high wind or seismic events.

When mechanical fasteners are used, GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant should be applied across the bottom of the base on each screw head to prevent roof leaks caused by penetrations.

The base features 16 holes, allowing adhesive to squeeze out as the base is pressed onto the roof surface. This creates “adhesive rivets” which strengthen the bond.

KnuckleHead installations have been performing in the field for more than 20 years, with constant exposure to high temperatures, freeze-thaw cycles, UV exposure and stress, and they have shown no signs of deterioration.

GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant is environmentally safe and presents no toxic risk to contractors or building occupants. It is solvent-free, isocyanate-free, nonflammable and odorless.

A 10-year warranty is available. Please contact GREEN LINK for details.