Green Link to Unveil New Solar Support Head at Construct Show


Green Link to Unveil New Solar Support Head at Construct Show

Kalamazoo, MI (August 1, 2017)GREEN LINK Engineering will be premiering its new KnuckleHead Solar Support at the “Construct Show”, September 13-15, 2017, at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI (Booth #411).  The new head is designed to support solar arrays at a fixed 15-degree angle while also functioning as an elbow connector which fixtures perpendicular strut members along the same 15-degree plane.  The heads are height adjustable up to 3” from the support point, but Green Link also offers extensions that can elevate solar arrays up to 18” off the roof’s surface.

Solar Supports are molded from glass-reinforced nylon and are impervious to weathering, freeze-thaw cycles, UV exposure and stress.  The KnuckleHead universal base can be loose laid, but Solar KnuckleHeads should be mechanically attached using both screws as well as Chem Link M-1® Structural Adhesive/Sealant to establish a secure, waterproof installation.

GREEN LINK is also offering Halo Target Flashings to satisfy the warranty requirements of certain roofing manufacturers.  The Halo Target Flashing is available for EPDM, Mod-Bit, TPO and PVC membranes and is heat welded or adhered to the KnuckleHead base and the roof substrate to prevent leaks.

“Our GREEN LINK team of engineers listened closely to the suggestions of solar energy contractors to design the Solar KnuckleHead,” said Ondrej Pekarovic, design engineer for GREEN LINK. “The result was that we were able to bridge the gap between superior energy collection schemes and the challenges of rooftops.  With KnuckleHead solar supports, the contractor can easily install panels at a fixed 15 degrees without having to worry about adjusting angles.  The extensions allow flexibility in meeting codes relating to height, and the Halo Targets protect warranties.”

In addition to Solar Supports, the KnuckleHead line includes other head designs suitable for pipes, conduit, struts and pavers.  All head designs are mounted on a universal base which can be mechanically attached or bonded with adhesive.  Each KnuckleHead can support up to 600 lbs.

GREEN LINK is an innovative engineering company that develops and manufactures polymeric architectural products for the construction industry including specialized markets such as controlled environments. GREEN LINK is committed to processes and products that cause no harm to the environment or human life.

The new KnuckleHead is designed to support solar arrays at a fixed 15-degree angle.