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GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant for KnuckleHeads

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GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant was developed to bond and seal the KnuckleHead Rooftop Mechanical Support System and is effective on a wide range of roof surfaces. The adhesive/sealant has been specially formulated to adhere to EPDM, PVC, Granulated Modified Bitumen, and TPO (with TPO primer).

While there are some products on the roofing market that effectively bond and seal, GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant is a product that effectively adheres to even the most challenging types of PVC membranes. GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant is based on polyether chemistry. It cures by exposure to moisture, so it can be applied to damp surfaces and will not shrink upon curing. It will not discolor from UV exposure, can be applied at temperatures as low as 32°F, and is capable of joint movement in excess of 35%. It is available in standard 10.1oz cartridges.

GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant is a critical part of the KnuckleHead Support System because it functions as both an adhesive and a sealant and ensures the integrity and long life of the installation. As an adhesive, it provides up to 275 psi bond strength between the Universal Base and single-ply membranes or built- up roofs. Additionally, it can be applied directly to the head as an optional approach to create a stronger, more permanent installation of strut, pipe or paver. GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant squeezed out of the base holes functions as “rivets,” which serve to attract moisture, speeding up the curing process. Also, when fully concealed mechanical fasteners are used to mechanically attach the Universal Base, GREEN LINK Adhesive/Sealant can be applied to the fastener heads to form a waterproof seal. It is so effective in this regard it can be used for emergency repairs where it can be applied directly in ponding water to seal a roof leak instantly.

GREEN LINK is an innovative engineering company that develops and produces polymeric architectural products for the construction industry. GREEN LINK is committed to processes and products that cause no harm to the environment or human life.