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HEPA Filter Seals

GREEN LINK HEPA filter perimeter seals are engineered to precisely fit each specific application. These solid seals are composed of a highly stable, crosslinked urethane elastomer which can be custom designed and molded in shapes and thicknesses as demanded by the configuration of the filter frame. GREEN LINK HEPA filter perimeter seals can be layered with elastomers having varying hardness. GREEN LINK HEPA filter perimeter seals can be layered with elastomers having varying hardness. For example, dual durometer seals have one layer composed of softer durometer urethane to conform to any gaps or irregularities in the filter frame while the other layer is firmer to help the seal to retain its shape and integrity.

Important Features – GREEN LINK HEPA Filter Seals:

  • Are fully tested and approved for cleanroom applications Home Products About Us Projects Find A Sales Rep Resources News Contact Us
  • Contain no plasticizers
  • Exhibit no compression set – seals demonstrate a high level of shape recovery after compression release
  • Demonstrate near zero off-gassing properties: 1.1 ppmw of methyl isobutyl ketone and toluene at 30° C for 30 minutes
  • Outperformed solid closed-cell neoprene-type seals in clean room sealing function tests
HEPA Replacement Seals

Replacement: Easy Out, Easy In

Pre-molded, solid seals provide a distinct advantage over traditional liquid applied seals. Replacement of liquid type seals requires extensive cleaning and abrading using mechanical tools, a labor-and cost-intensive process. Solid seals can simply be lifted out and  discarded, and replaced with a single, molded unit. GREEN LINK HEPA filter seals represent a significant economic advantage, especially where projects involve a high number of units.


Custom Design

GREEN LINK HEPA lter seals are provided on a custom, consultative basis. We work with each client to apply our engineering technology from project initiation through design phase and prototyping to nished product.

For further information, or to discuss a HEPA filter sealing project, please contact us at: (888) 672-9897.